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"We have a 10 month old part German Shepherd puppy.  We understood the necessity of puppy classes, and enrolled her at a school when she was 4 months old. Unfortunately, our first experience was with a trainer who used treats as a training tool.  We soon realized that this was not a great method for training, and our puppy was not achieving her potential.

After completing that puppy class, we did a lot of research into training methods, training facilities, and trainers.  Obviously, we should've done that in the first place.  We learned that many people can call themselves "trainers" but few actually have strong credentials -- many have only completed the most basic of courses, studying from others with limited expertise.

We went through the yellow pages, calling and meeting with trainers and asking numerous questions. We made an appointment with Marc Tessier.

After meeting him, and seeing how Marc interacted with Zoe, we knew we found the right place for training. Marc explained the selection of training collars and leashes, and their importance in successful training. He also explained that the first 3 of 8 classes are actually private lessons, which we found to be very important.
We had asked our previous trainer about our problems with loose leash walking, but the issue was never resolved in 8 lessons -- Marc solved it in just part of the first lesson!

Marc is gifted -- he has a great understanding of dogs, and is an animal lover -- he even has cats and 2 horses along with 3 dogs!  He is patient and clear in his instructions -- it is a joy to attend class, for us, and for Zoe.

We have now have Zoe enrolled in Super Dog! She really enjoys the classes with Marc -- she continues to learn obedience, and absolutely loves agility training.  Zoe is now a well-behaved dog, which is very important to us, since we are expecting our first child in the spring."

-- Joe, Michele & Zoe

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