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Training your dog is the easy part; training your family is the hard part.

At registration, an in-depth home visit is conducted by Mr. Tessier or one of the trainers.

This initial meeting is a very important part of the training program and allows the trainer to view the family's interaction with their pet.

The vast majority of dog problems are caused by the family.

Marc Tessier's
TnT K-9 Concepts

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Puppy Kindergarten

  • A must for all puppies from 10 weeks to 5 months of age!
  • Consists of on-leash obedience, problem solving (i.e. Mouthing, barking, digging, house training).
  • 5 weeks of fun! You'll be amazed at what your pup can do.
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Family Dog Program
  • Teaching good manners to adult dogs (5 months and older).
  • 8 week course features both on leash obedience and the beginning of off leash work.
  • Behavioral problems, especially aggression, are addressed.
  • Upon graduation, a lifetime membership to the Academy is given to the student and their dog which allows the student and dog to return for more classes at no additional cost should other problems occur.

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Obstacle Agility/Trick Course

The fun part of obedience!!  Every dog loves to jump!!

  • Teaching dogs how to jump through hoops, over fences, scaling walls, walking on a teeter-totter and catwalk!
  • Teach your dog to salute you! How about talking on the phone or saying his prayers?
  • Teaching him to do a "dead dog" - your vet and groomer will love you!!
  • This is a great course to improve the confidence of a shy and insecure dog.

Tracking/Search and Rescue course

Locate articles as small as a dime out in the middle of a field!

  • Use your dog's incredible sense of smell to track through contact scent, airborne scent and ground scent to locate people/articles
  • Help find live bodies and cadavers, on land or in the water.
  • A very rewarding course for both dog and handler

Home Protection

This course is for those who need or desire to have their pet become a working dog. The dog is trained to protect you, your home/vehicle on command. Dogs accepted into this program must first meet the highest standard of obedience.

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