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Many trainers, behaviour specialists, veterinarians and others in the pet field will tell you "the customer" what you WANT to hear. We at TnT K-9 Concepts tell you what you HAVE to hear.

Dog aggression is a very serious problem, not only for the family that owns the dog but also for society in general. It is a complex, dangerous situation and needs to be corrected without delay.

Most dog trainers don't understand aggression. Some are afraid of aggressive dogs and will tell the owner to destroy the dog so the trainer doesn't have to deal with the problem. Based on my personal;training experience, I have only had to recommend that two dogs be put down.

TnT K-9 Concepts specializes in this field and has some strong views on this subject. The vast majority of aggression is caused by you the owner. It is highly likely bites will occur to the owner within the home, and children are often involved. 

Brandy J. M Oliver, MA, states that if a dog has bitten someone, and especially if he has drawn blood, he has a much greater chance of repeating this action. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. It is incredible how many dogs are destroyed every year because the dog has bitten someone. Don't get me wrong... it is a serious offence and deserves to be corrected, but the behaviours can be solved without destroying the dog.

Aggressive behaviour can be controlled through proper consultation and training techniques. Veterinarians are NOT trainers, and should not be consulted in cases of aggressive behaviour. Most Veterinarians are NOT behaviour specialists.

Muzzles don't stop aggression!

In many cases this only adds to the aggressive behaviour. SOME trainers with little experience are not specialists. They simply have not been around enough dogs to get a good overall judgement of how to treat aggressive behaviour.

This subject could be talked about for many hours, but if you think your pet has a problem, please email us. We can help you.


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